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Club V Birthday Party Terms and Conditions

Club V Birthday Party Terms and Conditions

A Week before the Party

  • The final number of children attending the party must be confirmed 1 Week prior to the party date. Please note that parties are for a minimum of 10 children.
  • The choice of menu, and any allergies or dietary requirements must also be confirmed 1 Week prior to the party date to enable us to provide substitutions.
  • The remaining balance of the party is to be paid 1 week prior to the party. The amount of children confirmed will dictate the price to be paid.  Any additional children will be charged on the day of the party.
  • The £100 deposit is non-refundable and if the party is cancelled within 24 hours of the party date, then the full amount is payable.

Day of the party

  • Please provide the Cake, candles and Napkins for the party.
  • Please provide the original packaging of any store bought cake. If you have a homemade cake, then you will need to complete a Food indemnity form and provide a list of ingredients used.  Please note, we have a strict No Nuts policy at Club V.
  • The guest passes on the back of the invitations allow the parents of children attending the party to use the gym and its facilities during the party. Please see a member of our sales team for a club tour.
  • As we have limited space whilst the party is proceeding, we allow parents of the children attending the party use of our club lounge area/gym/pool facilities. We ask that just the party parents are able to stay whilst the party is ongoing.
    • In the case of a Teddy Bears Picnic Party, children under the age of 3 need to be supervised by an adult at the ratio of 2 children to one parent during the party.
  • If parents of the children attending the party are not staying on site, then they will need to leave a contact number when they sign their child into the party. All children must be signed in on arrival, and out before leaving.
  • The adult who drops off the child/ren should be the same adult who picks them up. If a different adult will be picking up the child/ren, make sure you notify a member of our Junior Activities team to let them know who will be collecting them and to ensure you complete an Identified Person’s Pick up Form.
  • If we have not been made aware who is collecting your child/ren and an Identified Person Pick up Form form has not been signed authorising the collection of your child/ren we will only allow them to leave with the same person that dropped them off and signed them in.
  • If you’re having a pool party then a Shark test will be required for each child before your party commences. For any children that do not pass the Shark test, an adult will need to be in the pool with them and following the pool ratios. Any children under 8 will also need an adult in the pool with them as per the pool ratios.

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