yoga vinyasa

Known as a moving meditation, Vinyasa Yoga creates the perfect union of breath and movement. One pose moves seamlessly into another producing an almost hypnotic experience. As well as improving your balance, Vinyasa Yoga will lift your energy and lower your stress levels.


Stability · Balance


45 - 60 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is yoga vinyasa?

One of the most popular forms of yoga in the world the Vinyasa practice movements are consciously linked to the breath to bring balance to body and mind - a dynamic, moving meditation.

A Vinyasa practice doesn’t have a set sequence and there are lots of different ways that a teacher may interpret a Vinyasa class - faster, slower, more or less dynamic.

The teacher will create their own sequence building towards an energetic “peak”. In every class the focus will be on the union of breath and movement.

The Sanskrit word ‘Vinyasa’ translates as ‘to place in a special way’. In all yoga practices, fast or slow, Yin or Yang, there is this attention to detail and thought as to which postures go where. When thinking of Vinyasa flow we think of one pose moving seamlessly one into another.

The transitions can be fun, playful and take the practitioner from their feet to their hands to their head.

A smooth Vinyasa flow class is creative, intelligently put together and well rounded.

Why do yoga vinyasa?

Go with the flow and have fun

Strengthen your cardiovascular system  

Improve balance, co-ordination and physical awareness

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