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Fitness 5

Virgin Active fires up the gym floor with Fitness 5

28 Aug 2014

Five new pieces of innovative, multi-functional fitness equipment are being unveiled at Virgin Active Health Clubs this month. Bulgarian Bags, TRX Rip Trainers, Battle Ropes, TiYR and Plyo Boxes combine to make up ‘Fitness 5’, the ultimate full body workout that promises to transform full body conditioning, strength, flexibility and overall fitness endurance. 

Fitness 5 is suitable for gym goers of all levels and can be used either in silo for the less experienced user or together as part of a circuit to enhance the workouts of users looking to take their fitness to the next level.  Used together for a full body workout the user can burn up to 750 calories an hour. 

Bulgarian Bags
These innovative weighted bags were designed by the Bulgarian Olympic athlete Ivan Ivanov who wanted something that would strengthen his core and develop quickness and agility in ways that solid weights and resistance machines couldn't. They can be used as a free weight during dynamic core work, or as a challenging addition to jumps, squats, push-ups, lunges and power crunches. 

TRX Rip Trainer 
The TRX Rip Trainer challenges the user in all three planes of motion to develop rotational core strength, explosive power, flexibility and cardiovascular whilst improving fluidity and range of motion. It’s a versatile and very effective piece of training kit that’s suitable for athletes of all abilities. 

Battle Ropes 
Battle Ropes guarantee a high-intensity workout that builds core strength and improves all over conditioning whilst toning and sculpting muscles. The battling waves, criss-cross and side-to-side fluid movements are the ultimate fast calorie burner.  

TiYR will help boost your all-round fitness and fast track full body strength and power. It works multiple muscles as users work their way through the range of dynamic exercises. 

Plyo Boxes
These high-density foam boxes of various heights will help develop power, full-body explosive strength, and can form the basis of challenging cardio workouts. They’re tough on stamina, but due to their innovative construction, they’re easy on feet, ankles, knees and hips. 

Fitness 5 is available at selected Virgin Active Health Clubs from September. To find your local Virgin Active visit www.virginactive.co.uk