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Vipr 3D

Virgin Active launches ViPR 3D exclusively with FitPro

06 May 2014

FitPro, the world’s largest professional fitness development company, has partnered with Virgin Active for the UK launch of group fitness class ViPR 3D.

Following ViPR’s rapid global growth in the personal training arena, it now enters the group fitness market, strengthening its UK programming portfolio with the addition of ViPR Group Fitness programmes ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic. FitPro has partnered exclusively with Virgin Active for the UK launch of ViPR 3D across 11 clubs from 5 May 2014 in its initial phase.

ViPR 3D was created with the traditional group fitness participant in mind, using ViPR to bridge the gap between traditional linear strength training and whole-body integrated training. 3D programming incorporates interchangeable blocks of choreography – or ‘bricks’ – from the ViPR series, varying in speed and range through all planes of motion.

The flexibility of the bricks allows the instructor to vary intensity and improve participants’ aerobic capacity in a fun and rewarding session. ViPR 3D is choreographed to the beat of the music, allowing users to gain rhythm and timing in the body. This provides an additional challenge and variation within the class, as loaded movements change with the music tempo or bpm.

ViPR 3D provides a classical teaching method, where the instructor participates throughout with the class, leading them on a journey of movements while varying the intensity in co-ordination with the music.

Virgin Active's head of exercise and wellbeing, Andy Birch, says, "At Virgin Active we pride ourselves on providing members with the latest innovation that keeps them motivated, excited about coming to our clubs and ultimately living happily ever active.

"We were the first to launch ViPR in October 2009 and it’s become incredibly popular with members on the gym floor, especially those who have personal training. ViPR 3D will give our members the chance to experience the kit in a group format and incorporate it into their workout."

Matt Truscott, ViPR training manager and co-developer of ViPR Group Fitness, comments, "These are exciting times for FitPro. ViPR Group Fitness is a further example of the rich heritage of originality and creativity.

"ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic bring something new to the group fitness space: a structure that is focused purely on Loaded Movement Training. The programmes have been developed to deliver fast, effective workouts that can be progressed or regressed depending on the participants’ ability. The studio-based classes are designed in 30-45-minute structures for the physical and psychological benefit of participants.

"It's been fantastic to work with Virgin Active again on a ViPR project and we look forward to seeing ViPR 3D become a popular addition to the timetable and take ViPR out of the gym floor environment and into the studio."