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Cracking the Diet Code

08 Oct 2015

Virgin Active seeks to help more members achieve their wellness goals by launching brand new nutritional offer

Built on insight that members who combine nutrition with exercise are 10xs more likely to reach their goals

Virgin Active and A-list favourite Soulmate Food bring food with a purpose to 60 clubs across the country

Food designed to match workouts and nutrition so that members are guided to reach their wellness goals, from nutritional novice to top level athlete

For two years Virgin Active has been working with expert partners to perfect the Diet Code. For the first time ever, there will be a true overlap from the gym floor to the club café, where members will have access to food that is designed to serve a specific purpose, and help them make informed decisions about their nutrition based on the wellness goal they have in mind – be that to lose weight, maintain balance or build muscle.

Built on the insight that combining regular exercise and good nutritional practices makes it up to 10xs more likely that members will see results and achieve their goals, the company has worked with A-list favourite Soulmate Food to create the perfect and most accessible menu to help them match their intake with their exercise routine and goal.

Every meal has been concocted using the latest science from elite sport to maximise performance levels and recovery using our innovative diet code. Each recipe provides the required nutrient benefits with advice on when to consume around training, in order to help plan their day.

Andy Birch, Head of Fitness for Virgin Active said: “We know that people have different motivations for joining Virgin Active, many of them with specific goals in mind. We want to help them get there and we believe that the way to do this is to give them ways to combine the best quality nutrition with the right movement and exercise that will sustain it.

We want every single member to have the nutritional knowledge to not take fad diets at face value, to understand good nutrition, to not be swayed by marketing myths, and most importantly to always ask “how will this help me?””

Christian Coates, founder Soulmate Foods comments: “We’ve worked extremely hard designing and developing an incredibly nutritious menu for Virgin Active members that really lends itself to a variety of different wellness goals and flexibility around personal food preferences. I’m very proud to see it all come together to raise the bar for a  Health Club’s nutrition offering”.

All menu items are labelled with one of three colour-coded symbols that will either help reduce body fat (Burn); maintain weight and energy (Balance); or build lean muscle and endurance (Build).

The outcome is a simple but deliciously effective seasonal menu, created just for Virgin Active.  Whether eating in or choosing from the grab and go fridge, there are tasty snacks and meals with the functional ingredients with the right nutrient benefits needed to support member’s wellness goals. All dishes have been created using the latest science from elite sport to maximise performance levels and recovery using the innovative diet code.

To ensure members are getting the most out of the new Diet Code both on and off the gym floor all Virgin Active Personal Trainers and Fitness staff will receive Soulmate Food nutrition training on how the Diet Code can fit it with members training plans to ensure a truly holistic approach. This will allow them to advise their clients on the best pre-workout snacks and recovery foods to complement their workout and to help them reach their personal goals.

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