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Altitude Induction classes

Develop your can-do altitude

Duration up to
60 mins
Level Active Light

Active Light

Easy twinkle toes. You might be raring to go, but as a new kid on the block, you might want to take it easy, just until you get warmed up.

Active Plus+

Energetic and frisky, you sure know your way around the gym, and can give most a run for their money.

Active Pro

You’re a force to be reckoned with. With your eyes on the prize, the rest of the class better watch out.


The only competition you see is you. So set your own speed, and race yourself to the finish line.

This induction is unlike any you’ve had before: it’s at 3000m above sea level for a start. And all about the benefits of altitude training, except you won’t have to climb a single mountain or wear a snowsuit. Just come along to our amazing Apex Studio, where the air is virtually Val D’isere.

Altitude training first hit the headlines in the 1968 Mexico Olympics when the thinner air of Mexico City gave many athletes an advantage: being 2,200m above sea level produced more medals. But how?

Air gets thinner the higher you go and lower oxygen levels mean you make more red blood cells. Your heart and lungs work harder to adapt so you end up moving and using oxygen more efficiently, making you stronger. It’s the reason Mexico was such a training turning point and why today’s elite athletes like Mo Farah and Bradley Wiggins head for the heights - to gain that competitive edge.

Our induction drills down on the science of altitude training and how it can help you get fitter, faster. Try the innovative Woodway 4front Treadmill, which feels just like you’re training outdoors or the Wattbike, a real road bike with a computer to measure the power in every pedal. Learn the ins and outs of using the studio safely and where it can benefit your workouts. Discover how training in the Apex Studio will challenge your heart and lungs, help build endurance and make you burn more calories.

After the induction your RFID band will give you access to the Apex Studio.

So whether you simply want to feel fitter, train for a triathlon or acclimatise before a holiday, make the Apex Studio your base camp.

Please note: Be sure to tell us if you have any medical problems, take medication, are pregnant or feel ill on a plane. 

Why’s Altitude Induction good for me?

Why’s Altitude Induction good for me?

  • Strengthens heart & lungs
  • Conditions
  • Builds strong bones

What will I do?

What will I do?

  • Tour the Altitude Studio

  • Try the Woodway 4front Treadmill & Wattbike
  • Learn about working out at altitude

How many calories will I burn?

How many calories will I burn?

  • 300

    calories per class
  • The harder you work, the more calories you'll burn.

What do I need to bring?

What do I need to bring?

  • VA_icons_kit_hoodie

    Loose clothing

    Comfortable clothing

  • VA_icons_kit_trainers

    Trainers for the gym floor

    Gym-appropriate trainers

  • VA_icons_kit_water


    Plenty of water

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