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The Pack

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Together we ride

The Pack has always been in front of other cycle classes when it comes to pushing your workout, and now we’re adding more challenges and shifting up through the gears.

Let our expert pack leaders take you on a ride you won’t soon forget, pushing your speed, power and stamina with two brand new innovative team tests.

With the latest fully connected IC7 bikes you track your own data on a personal console whilst the team’s is writ large on the big screen up front.

But don’t worry about lacking motivation. Our new fully integrated studio is laden with a banging sound system and spectacular lighting to power through calories and fast-track fitness. Still need a little extra push? Bring a mate to try the class, four legs are better than two.

So join either the yellow, blue or pink team, crank up the energy and prove yourself the leader of the Pack.

This isn’t like anything you’ve experienced before, so here’s a little bit more on what you can expect.

What's so great about it?

What am I in for?

How do I prepare?


Remember to hydrate before the class, and enjoy a post-workout meal with help from our nutrition partner Soulmatesfood. Burn, Balance or Build - the choice is yours! Find out more about our great pre and post class nutrition below. 

Cycle Nutrition Advice

What to bring

Towels are provided on each bike, so just bring yourselves, your water bottles, trainers/cycle shoes, and you’re good to go! 

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