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We think yoga is amazing and we want everyone to try it. Which is why we have added more yoga classes to our clubs than ever before.

There are many different styles of yoga – which can be baffling if you're new to the practice or curious and want to try it out.

So we've made things simple by grouping classes into three categories: StrengthAlign and Calm.

Each category has different benefits physically and will work you in different ways. Strength classes strengthen, tone, improve your cardio and teach you how to work with your breath. Align classes build strength in joints and muscles whilst focusing on good alignment and mobility. Calm classes stretch and relax you in every way; they're the best compliment to a workout.

There's a yoga class for every need, whether you want to regain your flexibility, tone up, wind down or challenge yourself in new and surprising ways. 

Mix and match classes for multiple benefits. Build your own yoga programme – be curious, and enjoy.

Yoga for Every Body

Patrick Beach has helped us to create an innovative new approach to yoga. We aim to demystify yoga for those just starting out and help well-established yogis streamline their practice.

Introducing our three new yoga categories: Strength, Align and Calm. Try them all and you will soon discover the type of yoga that is right for you, whether it's to help you relax, build strength or find new ranges of motion.

Yoga Courses & Workshops

Whether you're looking to perfect your padahastasana or just getting started, we now offer a host of courses and workshops to help you on your yoga journey.

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