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Not your ordinary dip.

Swimming today is more popular than ever. 3 million of us take to the pools every week compared to 2 million who play football and 1.8 million who cycle. But the pool is a serious fitness zone. Half an hour of swimming can burn between 200-350 calories, making it just as effective as training on the gym floor.

Whatever your size, shape, weight or fitness level, you’ll find a great workout to suit your needs. Remember, water is 800 times denser than air, so everything you do in the pool will need more effort. This makes swimming a great form of weightless resistance training, high on intensity, low on impact and perfect for those overcoming an injury. 

Which is why at Virgin Active we’ve been encouraging our members to go beyond the gym floor and discover a whole host of new and exciting workouts in the water. 

Like Aqua, the water aerobics class that challenges every muscle in your body, or Aqua Zumba, the pool party workout that integrates dance routines into your training. The latest addition to our collection is Hydro, a fast-moving, high-intensity group workout in the water combining full body training with expert coaching.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in, the water’s lovely.   

Classes in the pool

Hydro swim classes at Virgin Active

Hydro powered by speedo

Our fast moving, high-intensity workout in the water combines full body training with expert coaching. Because pool-based exercise is weightless, swimming is the perfect way to challenge your body without straining the joints, great for when you’re recovering from injury. But if you think you won’t be working hard enough, think again.

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Aqua classes

800x denser than air, water works your body much harder yet is gentle on joints. Challenge every muscle moving to music in the pool - ideal if you’re recovering from injury, illness or just want to have fun. Can’t swim? No problem; just smile and splash around.

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Aqua Zumba® classes

Splash out South American style – join the Latino pool party. Twist, turn and treat your body to a low-impact water resistance workout. Follow easy mambo, cha-cha and merengue dance moves at half the speed of land- based Zumba. Feel the rhythm and have fun.

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