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Zumba Classes

What is Zumba?

Imagine dancing to irresistible Latino music, your body moving to fiery rhythms like no-one’s watching. That’s Zumba – a high energy total body workout that feels like a party. Can’t dance? Who cares? You can still Zumba and have fun as you get fitter.

Where did Zumba originate?

In the 1990s Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez was teaching aerobics in Miami. He forgot his mix tape for a class so improvised with music and moves from his native Columbia. Everyone loved it and Zumba was born.  

Whatever your fitness level there’s a martial art for you - even if you’re recovering from injury. Mix up your workouts and see what you’ve been missing.

What are the benefits of Zumba classes?

It’s fun and for everyone – even the guys! Two left feet and an absence of fancy moves? Zumba works just fine. Let your body feel the music while our inspirational instructor guides you through the infectious beats. Your whole body will benefit, everyday worries are shelved in a Salsa shimmy and there’s only music, moves and muchas Latino laughs.

  • Tone, hone and condition
  • Build stamina
  • Work heart and lungs
  • De-stress

Exclusive Zumba classes at Virgin Active

Zumba launched exclusively at Virgin Active in 2009 and quickly became a phenomenon. Now Zumba Step and Aqua Zumba have joined our Latino family. It’s hugely popular: Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Madonna have all Zumba-ed while this side of the pond Victoria Beckham shook her party bootie and TV presenter Lorraine Kelly says it changed her life - she dropped two dress sizes taking regular Zumba classes.

So shake your workout up with our trio of Zumba classes:


Tone your whole body to the rhythm of this Latino beat and party your way to fitness – workout with a smile. First timer? Start here.

Zumba Step

Zumba’s sassy sister act gives the same infectious beats and hot Salsa shimmy but with added emphasis on the lower body. For Zumba fans everywhere.

Aqua Zumba

Splash out South American style – join this Latino pool party. Twist, turn and treat your body to a low impact water resistance workout. Ideal if you’re recovering from injury, suffer from arthritis, back or joint problems.

Put some Zumba in your life

Start moving to your own beat. Check your club's timetable for class details.

Zumba Classes at Virgin Active


Aqua Zumba® classes

Zumba® classes

Zumba Step® classes

Aqua Zumba® classes

Discover Aqua Zumba® classes

Splash out South American style – join the Latino pool party. Twist, turn and treat your body to a low-impact water resistance workout. Follow easy mambo, cha-cha and merengue dance moves at half the speed of land- based Zumba. Feel the rhythm and have fun.

Discover Workout in water

Zumba® classes

Discover Zumba® classes VIEW GALLERY

Zumba is great for the body and relieving stress. Get moving today at Virgin Active with one of our different zumba classes on offer.

Discover Dance to your own beat

Zumba Step® classes

Discover Zumba Step® classes VIEW GALLERY

Zumba’s sassy sister gives the same infectious beats and hot Salsa shimmy but with added emphasis on the lower body. Tone legs and sculpt glutes in easy-to-follow moves with a fiery blast of South American rhythm. Mix dance, fitness and sultry aerobics to shape your body and lift your spirits.

Discover Loosen up Latino style

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