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Zuu Classes

Let loose your wild side with our innovative range of ZUU classes

ZUU is a high intensity interval training class that uses primal movements such as squats and lunges for an exhilarating full body workout. 

Created by elite strength and conditioning coach Nathan Helberg, ZUU is a combined strength and energy class that has over 100 unique moves that target both major and minor muscle groups.

But now, as well as ZUU, we have Iron ZUU group exercise classes on our timetables, which combine ZUU moves with heavy lifts. 

The old-school weightlifting will get you pumped, while the mobility training unlocks the power in your body and frees up your moves. Each session pushes you harder than ever before, so if you’re a seasoned lifter looking for a challenge, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. We focus on more weight and less reps, and use pre-fatigue techniques to deliver those gains. 

The combination is killer, and you’re not likely to have experienced anything like it. But if you’ve got what it takes, the rewards will be worth it. You’ll feel stronger and more powerful, but lighter than ever. And you’ll still be bulking up.

There’ll be sweat, there’ll be tears, and you’ll experience failure. But no matter what, you’ll find the rest of the team ready to pick you up again.

Have a look below to see what ZUU group exercise classes we have on offer.

ZUU Group Exercise Classes

Discover our range of classes which focus on primal movements and heavy lifts


Iron Zuu Whole Body classes

Combination is the killer in this whole body workout which pushes you harder than ever before. Train your entire body with a mixture of heavy lifts and primal movements such as squats and pulls, to make sure you deliver those gains in record time.

Discover Iron Zuu Whole Body

Iron Zuu Upper Body classes

Expect a combination of old-school weightlifting to get you pumped, alongside mobility training to unlock the power in your body, free up your moves and prevent injury. We use pre-fatigue techniques to focus on the shoulders, chest, arms and back.

Discover Iron Zuu Upper Body

Iron Zuu Lower Body classes

Iron ZUU Lower Body uses pre-fatigue techniques to deliver those gains you're after, with a focus on legs, quads and glutes. The combination of old-school weightlifting gets you pumped, alongside mobility training to unlock the power in your body.

Discover Iron Zuu Lower Body

Zuu classes

Power your body with primal movements from the animal kingdom by crawling, lunging and roaring your way through a sweat-soaked twenty minutes. This class isn’t for the faint-hearted. Full on from the first war cry, our fully-trained ZUU gurus will get your pulse racing and instincts raging. 

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