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We believe good nutrition is vital for a healthy life. Eat wholesome food and stay active and you’re well on your way to great health and fitness. And if you combine targeted nutrition with training you’ll reach your goals faster: that’s a fact.

All of our food and beverage within the clubs is supplied and managed by our friends at the award winning Lexington Catering to provide you, our members, with a tasty, healthy and innovative food offering, under the Athleat brand.

At most central London clubs you’ll find their healthy eating grab and go Athleat Express range which provides breakfast, lunch and snack solutions. The range is fully calorie counted and can also be pre-ordered and paid online through their digital platform.

For the clubs with a wider food offering you’ll find delicious options throughout the day, ranging from breakfast specials to comfort dishes, healthy salads, grab and go, freshly baked cakes and kids meals.

Our Fitness Team and Personal Trainers will be working with Lexington to develop the range further and to provide suggested pre / post workout meals and drinks to ensure you get the very best results every time.

If you have any questions or feedback please email the Athleat team.

Active Nutrition

Whether you want to burn fat, maintain your weight while you train, or build muscle, each meal on the menu is tailored to your goals - just look out for the Build, Burn or Balance labels.

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