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We pride ourselves on our crystal clear, super clean pools that are ready
for doggie paddlers and serious swimmers alike.

Adult swimming

Water is 800x denser than air, meaning your body has to work harder against the increased resistance. It’s why we call swimming the ultimate cardio workout.

Get into Swim

Find your fins or perfect your stroke with a tailor-made swim programme.

Get into Swim

Adult swim galas

We host competitive galas that give you a shot to represent your club, challenge local rivals and enjoy swimming on a more social level.

Individual swimming lessons

We have a 750-strong expert coaching team on staff. Whether it’s learning to swim, improving your strokes, or training for your first triathlon, we're ready to help.

Swim tag

Many of our clubs offer SwimTag, which records, tracks, and then uploads your performance, helping you swim farther and faster over time.

Kids' swimming

If you start them swimming at a young age, they’ll quickly realise water is fun, not something to be feared! We’re here to help them become little fishes.

Tiny Swim Starz

We’ve designed these classes for children from 0-3 years to encourage simple paddle actions and movement in the water, getting each child comfortable being in the water on their own.

Discover baby swimming lessons

Swim Starz

We’re the largest private swim school in the UK, teaching 20,000 kids (3-8yrs) to swim every year. We're also a major provider of the Learn to Swim framework created by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), the English national governing body for swimming. Needless to say, your kids are in good hands.

Discover swimming lessons for kids

Swim Camps

We offer ASA stroke workshops, Rookie Lifeguard courses, and Snorkel School during half term and holidays.

Discover our swim camps

Kids' Swimming Galas

Kids like a good challenge too! We host competitive regional galas for 6- to 16-year-olds that lets them test their swim skills and focus.

Discover our swim galas

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