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Learn to swim with the Octonauts

We’ve teamed up with the Octonauts and the Swimming Teachers Association to create a special swim programme for children.

Available to members and non-members, from 21-29 October.

Join us for a October half term of fun with the Octonauts! We’ve teamed up with these courageous undersea adventurers to create 10 exciting new missions to help teach young Virgin Active swimmers about water safety.

EXPLORE different ways to move through the ocean with Captain Barnacles. Become an underwater adventurer as you explore the ocean like the Octopod, finding hidden treasure and ocean animals.

RESCUE those stricken sea creatures with Kwazii. Learn how to keep yourself safe in the water and rescue ocean animals so Peso can make them feel better.

PROTECT the ocean with Peso. You’ll learn how the Octonauts keep the seas clean by disposing of litter and recycling, learn to keep yourself safe in the water and on the beach, and protect all those adorable aquatic animals.

As we welcome each new Octonaut, they will get their own special Mission ID Passport where they can keep track of the stickers they’ve earned by completing the missions – including a special bonus mission to give Shellington an ocean fact.

These 3 or 5 day crash courses will be held during the school holidays, from July 31 - September 1. Perfect timing for keeping the kids entertained whilst learning an extremely valuable skill. Ask your swim manager or at club reception to find out more.

Explore, Rescue, Protect

Meet the Octonauts