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Our Collection clubs are a truly personalised and luxurious experience, designed to be an oasis of fitness and well-being. Step inside and stay awhile. 

First for innovation

Experience the latest innovations in fitness equipment before anyone else does.

Freedom climber

Free from helmets, harness or ropes, rotating surfaces work the body across vertical and lateral planes - strengthen muscles, hand eye co-ordination and elevate training skyward.

Anti gravity® yoga

Flexibility. Mobility. Strength. Bring them all together in a revolutionary class that takes yoga to the next dimension. Hanging upside down in mid-air in a hammock, you’ll feel stronger than ever.

Discover anti gravity yoga

Special as standard

From the moment you arrive at the club, everything you experience is a cut above.

Effortlessly active

Seamlessly slotting fitness into your everyday routine doesn’t need to be a hassle.

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