Whether you're new to exercise or just keen to stay active, this one's for everyone.

workouts for beginners? it's more than that.

It's your first day back at the gym. You're kitted out, ready to go, but your heart starts thumping with anxiety. Everyone seems to know what they're doing. Boxing sounds brilliant but scary. You've never put on a pair of boxing gloves in your life. What if you can't pick up the pace? Yoga sounds relaxing, but what if you're not flexible enough?

The thing is, you can and you are. Our new Foundations classes aim to get you moving no matter what level you're at. It's all about exercising your way and feeling amazing for it. From grooving to the beat in our Cycle class to building on core strength in Mat Pilates, our instructors are with you all the way.

classes for first timers

  • classes for everyone
  • move at your own pace
  • find your motivation
  • set your own goals

strength & conditioning foundations

New to Strength and Conditioning or weight training? This Foundations class is perfect for those that want to master the basics

build strength

boxing foundations

Never tried a Boxing class before? With Boxing Foundations, you’ll master the basics and build up stamina at your own pace

pack a punch

yoga foundations

Take a deep breath and align your mind and body through gentle movement

go with the flow

cycle foundations

Groove to your own rhythm while getting to grips with proper cycling technique

find your rhythm

pilates foundations

Take to the mat as you strengthen and stabilise using the principles of Pilates

hit the mat

reformer foundations

Slide and glide your way through a core-engaging workout on your very own Reformer bed

discover reformer

build your foundations

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